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Fruit Ninja #2 Review

Welcome to another month where Dynamite presents this instantly charming package full of fun centered around an app store game. That’s right, it’s time to see what the creative team does with another outing for Fruit Ninja, trust me the results are straight up fun and there’s just nothing wrong with that. From the written word to the visual style this is absolutely one series that understands what it wants to do if given room to move. So by all means if you find yourself a little bit curious let me tell you why you should run out to your local shop and buy this.

What we have here are three short scripts all penned by the same author. Nate Cosby dives headfirst into the past with “Ancitent Fruit Ninja,” a yarn centered around simpler times, then it cuts to the best part “Jetpack Joyride.” Now in this second arc we continue to follow the heroic adventures of Barry Steakfries as he wrestles with a hunger induced hallucination followed by a battle at sea. The final bit is “Modern Fruit Ninja” where our primary goes on a date as one of her teammates gets confused and thinks the dude in question must be a villain.

Now the three stories are all fun but it’s the visual style that sells it and makes this book a must own. The first two are beautifully rendered with a chaotic display by Scott Brown. Unlike last month the ending romp illustrated by Ruairí Coleman stays more in line with what came before, as a slightly less solid and more expressive array of pictures get in sync with the overall look of this comic. Both talents bring some impressive skills to the page as they deliver for this release, especially when you add in the color work by Dearbhla Kelly and Ellie Wright.




Fruit Ninja #2 is still a lot of fun and continues an all ages friendly approach that’s sure to get some young fans interested. So if you’re looking for something silly and not so serious, then there’s just no doubt in my mind that this could be the zany book for you!

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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