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First Strike #5 Review

Welcome to the penultimate issue of the Hasbro mega event! From the first page to the final panel the creative team hits the ground running offering a narrative that’s instantly inviting and absolutely builds on the path so far. The focus remains exactly where it needs to as the plot avoids pitfalls and unnecessary tangents, while the phrase: “yo Joe” continues to be torn down thanks to events on Cybertron.

First Strike continues here and the script by Mairghread Scott and David A. Rodriguez gives fans what they’ve been waiting for. Optimus Prime breaking the rules in an effort to protect the greater good! Our dynamic authors present a team that’s more than ready to take on the bad guys after their jail break puts Scarlet, Roadblock, Lady Jaye, Gloria Baker, Matt Trakker, Sounndwave and Arcee on a path toward Joe Colton and the planet’s core. What follows is an easy to read and highly accessible continuation that plays with all of these franchises.

Now what gets me going is the art by Max Dunbar. He adorns this release with a display that avoids sacrificing the elements that make each property what they are while giving room for interaction. And the subtle human moments make it all the more worthwhile, as the talent just attacks the page with a barrage that ebbs and flows with pure style that’s wholly worthy of this mega event! Add the superb colors by Ander Zarate and there’s no doubt that the comic itself is in great hands! To put it simply: buy this to see a crossover done right!




I never thought I’d live to see the day where primaries from different Hasbro shows would have a common fight, beyond when I played with the toys as a kid, but hey here we are and it’s magical! First Strike #5 is a penultimate issue handled well, as the creative team doesn’t waste a second delivering the goods from start to finish. If you haven’t been reading along then what are you waiting for? It’s time to catch up!

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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