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First Strike #3 Review

The Hasbro mega-event takes our Earth bound force to Cyberton and the creative team is more than ready to let them try to confront the chaos. With smart writing and sophisticated art First Strike unleashes its third issue and fans of all these properties are in for a treat. The time has come for allies to band together, with the threat of genocide in the air from an unlikely source who has all the Transformers in his sights.

David A. Rodriguez and Mairghread Scott pen the script and what’s striking to me is how focused everything is. The dynamic duo understands that the atmosphere needs to be forward moving but coherent, which is something titles like this almost always forget. And on a character note: I’m really digging how they’re using Soundwave and Scarlet. They’re an unlikely pair but their brief heart to heart near the end made more sense than I honestly ever expected it to. And considering how they wrapped up this release I’m eager to see what happens next.

Over on the visual side of things Max Dunbar continues to show versatility when handling all these various Hasbro properties. The humans are looking great but it’s how the talent approaches the Transformers themselves that really sets the book on a whole other level. The final product features smartly orchestrated action sequences locked in a cinematic perspective that fits the players in this particular game. Add in the colors by Ander Zarate and the whole thing ebbs and flows with a high caliber series of pictures that are second to none.




First Strike #3 is a prime example of how you do an event. Three issues in and the story is flowing along as our ragtag team, comprised of characters from multiple properties, stands ready to face what comes next. So much so that they jump to another world to take on Joe Coltron and his villainous band without fully knowing what they’re up to. It’s easy to recommend this title because you really should be buying it.

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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