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The Cold War icon created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby returns to our world this year thanks to time travel. Now the Fighting American, and his sidekick, have to deal with the year 2017, some old enemies from the 50s and a whole new series of adventures thanks to Titan. The first issue gives a beefy introduction but that doesn’t stop the creative team from hitting the ground running. And trust me the results are good, surprising and downright worthy of attention. So by all means find a spot and I’ll tell you why this needs to be in your buy pile.

Gordon Rennie pens a script starring Nelson Flagg, now in a suped-up version of his deceased brother Johnny‘s body, and his young cohort Speedboy. While chasing down some enemies in April 1955, with an assist by Professor Dyle Twister and his nephew, our heroes ran straight through a portal leading them to the present day. And corny dialogue smacks right in the face of modern sensibilities as the author plays with reaction in a way that’s inviting. What’s fun is the fact that the text toys with stellar obstacles and twists before we reach its cliffhanger. And yes the journey is totally worth it because the scribe understands the cast and how they could be perceived in our world today.

On the visual side of things I have to admit the art by Duke Mighten didn’t win me over at the start. But man oh man as the tale began to do its thing, the style of the display more than fit. It accentuated the intent of the written word and didn’t miss a step showing off some worthwhile attributes that blended 50s style with current America. The key happened to be the character reactions, which the talent nails, especially when the colors by Tracy Bailey enter the fray. The end result: is a good looking book that deserves a spot on your pull-list this week.




Fighting American #1 is an unexpected treat that’s got the Reds on the run! The creative team strikes a tone between old and new, as the cast meets their bad guys in 2017 and all the issues that come with them. Avoid Poison Ivan and keep away from beatnik-talk: F.A.‘s orders!

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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