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Dread Gods #2 Review

This saga, brought to you by the recently resurrected Ominous Press, is slowly coming into itself. After a dynamic first issue the creative team returns with three distinct plot lines that are moving along rather nicely. What we have in our hands is a follow up that expands the scope of Dread Gods while pealing back the layers of both the wasteland in the real world and the conglomerate behind their favorite show.

Ron Marz pens the script and we see that Carver is still convinced that he has to save the gods and Zeus remains troubled by his dreams. But more so than that we get our first glimpse at the man behind the program, Prometheus . There’s plenty of mystery about him as he watches over his company but we get some info on why he needs people to keep tuning in for his series. There’s a decent amount of narrative meat thrown at the audience but the author keeps all the facts focused. Especially as the Lord of Olympus heads out on a solo mission.

On the visual side of things Tom Raney continues to drive the world of Dread Gods with detailed and deliberate pencil strokes. What I love most about the art is how expressive each character is, be they regular or spectacular, the way they look and react more than fits. There’s a lot of complex scenes, like when Zeus journeys to the underworld, but the talent brings these moments to life with an impressive scope. And thanks to dynamic colors by Nanjan Jamberi any minor hiccups just aren’t noticeable at all with this accessible comic book display.




Dread Gods #2 does a lot right for this just beginning franchise. It moves various pieces forward without tripping over any of the plots or ignoring them. The end result is a downright engaging page turner that proves the quality of the young property with a more than capable creative team at its back. If you missed issue #1 then you just have to grab a copy with this when you head on down to your local shop.

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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