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Descender #20 Review

We’re almost at the end of yet another arc, and whilst Telsa, Quon and the impostor Tim-21 speed towards Mata and the secrets of the Harvester, the real Tim-21 continues to be prisoner on the Machine Moon. Despite having been a little slow, with some issues at times feeling out of place, the creative team behind this book have truly given us an epic tale, with the more recent twists making the harder times well worth persevering through. As we start to come near the end of “Orbital Mechanics,” however, we are given an issue that balances the various storylines in a way that benefits the large cast of characters, whilst bringing us closer to a huge turning point in the story as a whole.

Jeff Lemire continues to give us a product that is both epic in proportion and heavy on character depth and development. Having given us some big moments as of late, with Tim-22’s infiltration of Telsa’s ship and Andy ejecting Driller into space, I was expecting something powerful here, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Giving us some strong dialogue between our various characters, Lemire allows what is predominantly a transitional issue feel captivating. Add to this the tension and atmosphere of the various twists and somewhat comical tone from the open sequence and its hard not to be impressed by this issue’s script.

Dustin Nguyen never ceases to amaze me with his wonderful illustrations, as whether it’s the rustic landscapes of the various planets or the powerful character emotions, he captivates on all levels. Once again being the case in this issue, the artist takes the powerful repercussions of recent events and allows it to explode across the page. In doing so we not only get a gripping sense of emotion and atmosphere, but we also get a sense of depth and realism to events. Add to this the sensational digitally painted colours and you’re left with a final product that is nothing short of phenomenal.




Descender #20 is a magnificent continuation to the latest arc, with yet more intense twists that will leave readers desperate for more. Not only that, but the creative team also give us some powerful character developments, whilst hinting at where this story is heading in the near future.

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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