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Darth Maul #4 Review

We’re at the penultimate issue of this mini-series, with Darth Maul’s mission to gain some revenge on the Jedi seeing him rescue a padawan from captivity. This ultimately didn’t prove an easy task for the Sith, and despite still looking to revenge on the padawan he rescued, he currently finds himself fending off the advances of a gang of criminals, who have paid Zev Xrexus to hunt them down. Despite all this going by at a blistering pace, it ultimately sets up the series’ finale beautifully, with there being some choice words between Maul and Jedi padawan, Eldra Kaitis.

Cullen Bunn has been telling a stellar story so far, with Darth Maul’s hatred for the Jedi remaining a key feature in this penultimate instalment. What I love most about all this, however, is the way the writer also shows Maul’s understanding of what Kaitis must be going through, seeing similarities between himself and her (even if limited). This is all complimented by some beautiful dialogue, with the mutual dislike for one another being present throughout. That said, the fast pace of the issue did make the surrounding developments feel like a means to an end, acting as simply a transition point to next issue’s showdown.

The artwork that Luke Ross has produced on this series has been nothing short of sensational, with the dynamic layouts and tense facial expressions allowing for a cinematic like atmosphere. Where the artist continues to shine the most, however, is the way he approaches Maul as a character, with his intensity and passion being ever present throughout Ross’ illustrations. The exhilarating action also continues to impress, with the lightsaber work from both Maul and Kaitis leaving me even more excited for next issue’s finale. Add to all this the vibrant colour palette of Nolan Woodard, and it’s easy to praise the visuals of this book.




Darth Maul #4 does an amazing job of setting up this mini-series’ finale, with the fast pace and intense dialogue generating tremendous atmosphere throughout. The creative team also continue to tease a revolt from Maul’s bounty hunter entourage, with the character development as a whole being a huge positive in this narrative.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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