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Probably one of the most hotly anticipated comics of this year, Dark Nights: Metal finally arrives on comic book stands today. And you know what? It was pretty epic. Having given us two stellar prelude one-shots in Dark Days: The Forge and The Casting, the creative team continue to explore the rich mythos behind the Nth Metal, with this spurring the start of the Dark Multiverse. Giving us a rather obscure opening that flashes back to 50,000 years before these events, the story quickly returns to the present, with the Justice League taking on Mongul in a rather strange encounter. What follows this is equally intriguing, with Hawkman’s warning leading to some bold, yet somewhat predictable revelations.

Scott Snyder offers up a script that is dripping in quality. Despite feeling more than a little dense at times, the talent manages to deliver an engaging product, with there being plenty of atmosphere throughout. Digging deeper into the history of the Nth Metal and its connection to the multiverse, the writer does a brilliant job of teasing the possible directions of this event. Whilst doing this, we are given some expertly fashioned dialogue, with the diary of Carter Hall acting as the perfect form of narration (something it didn’t always do in the prelude one-shots). Factor in some dramatic twists and an unexpected return and I know I for one am itching to dive into the next instalment of this event.

On the visual side of this six-part event is Greg Capullo, with the talent reuniting with his long-term Batman collaborator. Delivering a beautiful set of illustrations, that flow smoothly from page to page, the artist really helps this world come alive. In doing this, not only does he manage to produce some exciting action, adding tremendous atmosphere in the process, but he also showcases some marvellous character designs. The unique layout of Capullo‘s work also results in a much more eye catching product, with there being plenty of captivating moments along the way. Accompanying all this we get a sharp set of inks from Jonathan Glapion, as well as a vibrant colours from FCO Plascencia, with the final product being simply astonishing.




Dark Nights: Metal #1 is just the kind of start I was hoping for from this latest DC events. It may be a bit heavy on information, but despite this the creative team still fashion an engaging product, that shows a lot of potential moving forward. Add to this a surprise return, that is sure to appeal to Vertigo fans, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t pick this up from your local comic book store next time you’re in.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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