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We’re fast approaching the start of DC‘s Dark Multiverse event, Dark Nights: Metal, and with that we get our second prelude one-shot, Dark Days: The Casting. Moving swiftly on from the events of last month’s Dark Days: The Forge, we are given a narrative that sees Batman further explore the mysterious metal that’s been haunting him, with there also being some interesting revelations from the diary of Carter Hall, aka Hawkman. Despite this being the main driving point of the story heading into Metal, it’s the actions of The Joker that captivates most, with the insane villain coming across as the voice of reason for a change.

Scott Snyder is once again joined by Detective Comics writer, James Tynion IV to script this prelude, with the duo fashioning a tantalising narrative. Giving us a dramatic follow-on from the previous prelude, the writers allow for a much more intriguing set-up heading into the Metal event itself, giving us some captivating twists along the way. Throughout this, we get some engaging dialogue, as well as plenty of tension and excitement. That said, the transition between our various development doesn’t always feel particularly smooth, with the context of Hawkman’s journal also being slightly complex at times.

The visual side of this presentation is yet again split between the talents of Jim Lee, Andy Kubert and John Romita Jr. Though we get some jarring moments as we switch between artists, the final product is once again impressive, with the talent bringing their own style to certain areas of this comic. That said, it is Lee that steals the show, with the vivid rendering of The Clown Prince of Crime and the dynamic fight against Duke Thomas and Green Lantern, Hal Jordan being mesmerising to say the least. Factor in some sharp inkwork from Scott Williams, Klaus Janson and Danny Miki, as well as a relatively consistent colour palette between Alex Sinclair and Jeremiah Skipper, and we’re left with a stunning final product.




Dark Days: The Casting #1 is yet another intriguing prelude to the upcoming Dark Nights: Metal event, with there being some fascinating twists throughout. During all this, we are also made to question whether Batman’s actions are for the greater good, with there being some strong evidence to suggest that it’s not. Either way, the creative team give us more than enough reasons to get excited about Metal, with it not coming soon enough.

8.5 Stars (8.5 / 10)

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