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CALEXIT #1 Review

From the creators behind the critically acclaimed Young Terrorists comes the latest must have from Black Mask Studios, Calexit. The story follows a world where California has seceded from the United States, with the fallout of this decision being catastrophic. Now I’ll admit straight away that I’m not overly familiar with the political landscape of America, but nevertheless this is a captivating narrative, giving us some thought provoking twists. Throughout all this, it is the characters that entice the most, s whether it’s the boyish charms of courier, Jamil, the mysterious nature of renegade, Zora, or the downright maniacal practices of Father Rossie, there is plenty of personality to this book.

Matt Pizzolo fashions an enticing product in Calexit, with the realism and dramatic tone of this opening issue sure to leave readers eager for more. What impresses me most about this first script, however, is the subtle world building techniques that Pizzolo inserts into this comic, with it being obvious that the landscape has changed, whilst looking civilised. The characterisation of our main protagonists and antagonist also proves thoroughly fascinating, with the various personalities working well off one another. Mix into this some exciting twists and some gripping dialogue and we’re left with a narrative that will engross readers from start to finish.

Despite producing more imperfections that we’re used to seeing from him, Amancay Nahuelpan as ever delivers a thoroughly enjoyable set of visuals. Between the meticulous detail that we get throughout the majority of this over-sized issue, and the dynamic layouts, we are left with an astonishing look to this book. What captivates most about Nahuelpan‘s work, however, is the expressions and nuances of our characters, with the sellers charm of Jamil and creepy overtone to Father Rossie being awe-inspiring. Accompanying all this, we get some stunning colours from 4 Kids Walk into a Bank artist, Tyler Boss, with soft tone complementing this narrative perfectly.




Calexit #1 is an outstanding opening chapter for this new series, with the creative team delivering a gritty narrative that feels refreshingly realistic. Throughout this we get some wonderful character building, as well as some exciting twists, giving us plenty of reasons to return for more. Lets just hope we don’t have to wait as long between issues as we have with Young Terrorists.

9 Stars (9 / 10)

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