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Man oh man I missed the Bombshells! When I saw that DC was bringing back the digital first and monthly series based around variants of their female icons set in World War II, I was ecstatic. Add in the fact that the creative elements behind it remained intact and all signs looked to a return to form for what made the first round memorable. The location has shifted, the wrong changed but the ideals of our team haven’t.

Some time has passed for our heroines but Marguerite Bennett gets readers up to speed with a straight forward introduction. “American Soil” finds the Wonder Woman allied with kids eager to make a difference in the wake of Executive Order 9066. The government has decided to take citizens with Japanese ancestry to Internment Camps, and Donna Troy plus her pals are not okay with that. After an opening rescue, the author slows the pace down to let us know just what is going on while building to a brilliant cliffhanger finish that keeps the air of DC.

On the visual side of the equation Marguerite Sauvage returns to the title offering strong line work right from the start. With bold precision in mind she shapes the landscape of Arizona in 1943, as Diana takes a stand against an armored division. Each panel is perfectly detailed to the point tha the whole of the book is adorned with an expert display. What I love most about the pages and panels is actually the character renditions, the talent draws powerful woman in striking poses with reactions that feel in sync with the intent of the written word.




Bombshells United #1 starts off slow, but carries an impact as it steadily picks up speed! The creative team absolutely thrives in the very environment that they pioneered in the first volume. And the questions they pose, on Wonder Woman especially, echo right to the core of what any of these icons could or should stand for. All the while pushing toward a satisfying cliffhanger!

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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