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Over the last few years Black Mask Studios has been known for creating unique and intriguing comics, with Beautiful Canvas being the latest addition to this lengthy list. Introducing us to Lon Eisley, a hitwoman given the task of killing a small child, this opening chapter quickly dives into the deep end, with there being more than initially meets the eye. As the narrative unravels, we get a product that is both gritty and supernatural, with there being a mysterious overtone to proceedings. This all eventually leads to some truly captivating twists and turns, with the curious nature of the issue’s climax sure to leave readers returning for more.

Ryan K. Lindsay is the creative mind behind this strange tale, giving us a intensely compelling concept that is sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats. Whether it’s the subtle, yet bold way in which the writer introduces us to both Lon and Alex, or the past turmoil eating away at the former’s subconscious, there is plenty to entice in this opening script, with the intense atmosphere allowing for wonderful drama. Lindsay also does a tremendous job of building curiosity and mystery, with the supernatural elements of the tale, and Lon’s past allowing for plenty to speculate over as we await the second chapter.

The artwork of Sami Kivela is nothing short of extraordinary, with the talent blowing my mind from start to finish. Giving us a simplistic style that’s full of detail, the artist makes it easy to fall in love with Lindsay‘s story, with the dynamic layouts also allowing for a smooth flowing product. Despite this, it’s the character design and subtle emotions that impress most within Kivela‘s art, with the mannerisms of Lon only adding to her mysterious past. The supernatural tones in Lindsay‘s script also get the utmost attention, as along with the vivid colours of Triona Farrell, we are left with a visually stunning representation of these powers.




Beautiful Canvas #1 introduces us to a strange, yet enthralling narrative involving a hitwoman and the strange boy she was meant to kill. Giving us plenty of tension and mystery throughout this opening chapter, the creative team leave us a lot to mull over as we await the next instalment, with it being a must have for fans of the publisher.

10 Stars (10 / 10)

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