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ANGELIC #1 Review

When it comes to sci-fi in comics, it is hard not to see similarities between titles. Though there are definitely certain elements in Angelic that fit this statement, the series as a whole is refreshingly unique. Introducing us to a world where humans are long extinct, the creative team fashion a narrative that sees winged monkeys and techno-dolphins attacking one another. What comes from this is a strange, yet unique premise that touches on different societies and the desire to break barriers. During this we meet young girlmonk, Qora, who isn’t content with following the path that she’s expected to take. This leads to a curious climax, with the comic deserving to find an audience.

Si Spurrier is the creative mind behind this latest sci-fi caper, and to say that it’s a little strange would be an understatement. Though the book is initially rather confusing, it isn’t long until everything starts to make sense. Quickly introducing us to a world devoid of human life, the writer does a fantastic job of fleshing out this world. Whether it’s the elaborate lore or the emotional strain of our protagonist, Qora, the talent certainly captures our interest. The unique language that Spurrier develops for our flying monkeys also proves appealing, adding to the charm of the narrative.

Whenever I pick up a new comic, the main thing I’m looking for is a product that is equally impressive visually as it’s script (and vise versa). Thankfully we get this in Angelic, with the captivating artwork of Caspar Wijngaard being infectious. Delivering a simple, yet detailed set of illustrations that pop off the page, the talent makes it easy to immerse into this strange world. He also brings an innocent tone to Qora, whilst at the same time retaining a gloomy sense of dread. The main thing that impresses throughout all this is the character designs and landscape, with there being a simple, yet vivid tone to these creatures.




Angelica #1 is an extraordinary piece of storytelling, that deserves to find an audience. Despite initially coming across as a little too strange, the creative team quickly flesh out a narrative that is both compelling and gripping. In doing this they don’t just introduce us to a brand new world, but explore the desire to become something different.

8 Stars (8 / 10)

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