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Amerikarate #6 Review

If you want something violent and straight forward, get ready because Amerikarate really is an 80s action spoof with all the classic tropes present and accounted for. The story is based around simple logic with a creative team that’s found a way to bring what they want to a comic stand near you. And the result is a fun page turner that’s weirdly entertaining in all the right ways with a robot crime wave on rise.

Corey Kalman and Brockton McKinney pen a script that finds Sam Kickwell under new orders to take down the bad guys that hurt his lady. Cynthia, the FBI karate expert, is in the hospital recovering while her boyfriend grows a mustache and does what he does best. If that sounds kind of macho and you’re intrigued, then trust me this Action Lab – Danger Zone series is for you. The written word is light and to the point, in a goofy atmosphere that’s full of tough guy antics. This won’t be for everyone but the dialogue honestly won me over early on.

The art is not realistic its cartoony and stylized. Think Bob’s Burgers but with karate and if that sounds appealing to you then you’re going to dig the panels by Daniel Arruda Massa. What I love about the display is how it exists within its own rules and never gives too much, instead the illustrations work well with the written word and ultimately cement the tone for the comic. In my head I wanted a bit more meat to the brief fight sequences but the end results therein were largely entertaining, so much so that the whole thing manages to function.




Amerikarate #6 is for mature readers looking for immature material. It’s fun, silly, and action packed so if any of that sounds like something you’d like to add to your collection then I’d recommend grabbing a copy of this 80s spoof. It really does have all the necessary trimmings with genre tropes present and accounted for. It’s a yarn from a creative team that’s just on the hunt for their specific audience.

7 Stars (7 / 10)

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