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4 Kids Walk into a Bank #5 Review

After yet another lengthy wait between issues, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank finally reaches its conclusion. Having given us a fun, entertaining narrative up until now, the creative team deliver the satisfying climax that we all deserve. Finally moving forward with her plans to rob the “bank” her dad’s old friends have been staking out, Paige and company don’t mess around, putting everything they have learned into operation. What comes from this is a surprising set of events, that sees our young bank robbers jump through hurdles that they probably weren’t anticipating. This all leads to an unpredictable conclusion that feels both symbolic and fitting to the story the creative team have been telling.

Despite the various delays, Matthew Rosenberg always manages to grab our attention. This is no different as we enter this concluding chapter, with it feeling as if the comic has never left our stands. As ever, it is the characterisation and quirky nature of our four young friends that captivates most during this, with the dialogue being engaging to say the least. During this the writer also does an excellent job of throwing a few curve balls, with it being hard to predict the outcome of this narrative. This ultimately leads to some satisfying moments, with the naivety of these young bank robbers being comical to say the least.

Tyler Boss continues to handle the visual side of this comic, with his illustrations capturing the fun tone of the book perfectly. The simplistic linework and energetic layouts makes it easy to immerse into this final narrative, with the explosive opening sequence being simply astonishing. During this we get some marvellous depth and atmosphere thanks to the crisp detail of the scenery, with the bold actions of our young bank robbers adding a dramatic flair. This is all given a rich finish thanks to the flat colours of Clare Dezutti, with the bold palette choice complimenting the tone of the narrative perfectly.




4 Kids Walk into a Bank #5 bring this mini-series to a satisfying conclusion, with our youngsters finally making their big bank robbery. During this the creative team give us more than enough surprising twists and turns, with the comic timing and quirky nature of these kids resulting in an entertaining conclusion.

9.5 Stars (9.5 / 10)

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