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Are EVENT BOOKS ruining the BIG TWO???

Over the last few years I have found myself gradually becoming less interested in Marvel and DC, with one of the key reasons behind this being event books. It seems that we can’t get away from these massive crossover events, with it seeming that when one finishes another one starts. Though DC isn’t quite as guilty for this nowadays, the House of Ideas just can’t seem to get away from oversaturating our comic book stands with these books and ultimately it might just be ruining how we view their universe.

Now I will admit that I love a good event book, with the likes of Civil War, Blackest Night and Infinity remaining some of my favourite stories to revisit. The main problem that I have with the big two is that they don’t always time these events right. Whether it’s the sheer oversaturation that we get from Marvel or simply the implication that it has on other books, there have been some clear examples of poor editorial decisions.

What upsets me most about most of these events is the negative impact that they have on tie-in books. Now it’s always bad to be disappointed by a major crossover event that you’ve been looking forward to, but when this spills into other series that you collect it simply makes the situation all the more unsavoury. Another problem that comes from this, is that even when you have little to no interest in an event, you feel compelled to pick it up due the fact that they tie-in with ongoing series. One of the easiest ways to resolve this problem is to simply bring out extra mini-series. Though this may ultimately cost some readers more, it makes it easier to say no to an event that doesn’t particularly appeal to you.

Another thing that hinders modern event books is the necessity to get as many tie-ins as possible. Though you can technically navigate most of these stories without buying any of the tie-in material, it isn’t always easy to recognise it, with there more than often being additional material that you feel compelled to pick-up. One of the more recent examples of this came from DC‘s Convergence, with it being hard not to get drawn in by the various books that the company produced during this period.

Though these are two of the key reasons that I no longer get excited for event books, the main thing that hampers these stories is the quality of the narratives themselves. Whether it’s simply the fact that the publishers are oversaturating our stands or the unnecessary length and price of these books, it is hard to get overly excited once they eventually arrive. The vast amount of characters involved in the storytelling also doesn’t help matters much, with there always being fan favourites that are either next to useless or misused.

Despite all this I do hold out hope for event books moving forward. As if the big two simply put more effort into crafting good stories and building to these events, it is only a matter of time before these stories start meaning something again.

But what do you think? Are you happy with the current landscape of events? Or do you feel it is ruining the industry?

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