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    DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW “Aruba-Con” Review

    The newly established Time Bureau, founded by Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), is here to clean up the mess made by our team of Legends. More so they’ve been relieved of duty and left to go back to their “normal” lives in 2017 but it doesn’t sit well with most of them. There’s no denying that […]

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    SUPERGIRL “Girl of Steel” Review

    The third season for Supergirl is here and after this first hour there are two things that are readily clear: the elements that made the one a success for CBS and then The CW are still there, but there are some problems. What I got out of the episode is that Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers) […]

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    THE GIFTED “rX” Review

    Heavy handed and a little clunky, the second outing for The Gifted still holds true to the elements that can easily make Marvel‘s merry band of mutants accessible even to non comic fandom. Right off the bat they keep the focus strictly on family and the question of how you would react if someone you […]

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    MARVEL’S INHUMANS “Divide — and Conquer” Review

    Here’s what matters about Marvel’s Inhumans: the show still has problems but it’s continuing to find its footing. “Divide… and Conquer” presents an outing where our royal family is still separate and stranded in Hawaii. For the most part this hour of TV on ABC does what you hope if would do but there’s no […]

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    THE ORVILLE “Pria” Review

    Here’s the thing about intergalactic space travel and The Orville, it’s really just Star Trek with some humor thrown in. And five episodes in that becomes really apparent when our crew encounters a special guest star that’s not who she says she is. Charlize Theron (Pria Lavesque) boards our titular vessel after a stressful first […]

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    GOTHAM “They Who Hide Behind Masks” Review

    A Dark Knight continues to trek through the the beginnings of an eager icon but here’s what’s awesome about Gotham: it embraces the corny elements of the Batman mythos without so much as flinching under that potential weight. In this week’s episode the opening sequence dives right into the lore of the Demon’s Head showing us, […]

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    THE GIFTED “eXposed” Review

    The X-Men continue to enjoy a creative revolution of sorts, as their stories start to move away from the love / hate bromance of Charles Xavier and Magneto. After last year’s FX epic Legion saw the inclusion of more characters within the mutant lore, it really was only a matter of time and finding the right […]

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