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    NO MERCY 2017 Roundup

    It’s been five weeks since SummerSlam and though it seems ages in comparison to the recent scheduling of pay-per-views, this could very well be a good thing. Heading into the Raw exclusive event, we are given a rather mixed match card. Despite having a few impressive bookings, John Cena vs. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar […]

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    SUMMERSLAM 2017 Round-up

    “The biggest party of the summer” once again returns to the Barclays Centre, and given the spectacle that NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III delivered, SummerSlam had a lot to live up to. Heading into the pay-per-view, we are given a generally enticing match card, as despite there being a few questionable bookings, there’s more than enough […]

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    SummerSlam weekend is upon us, but before we get to “the biggest party of the summer” the NXT superstars look to once again steal the spotlight from the main roster. The match card that we’re presented with heading into NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III certainly excites, as in addition to all three titles being defended, we […]

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    When Gotham arrived on Fox I didn’t know what to expect. Early on this DC TV property struggled to find its footing but it didn’t take long for her cast and crew to get where they wanted to go, a healthy stride between camp and crazy. Employing subtitled arcs for the second and third years we […]

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    BATTLEGROUND 2017 Round-up

    It’s the final pay-per-view before SummerSlam and with there only being a month to set-up “the biggest party of the summer,” you can be sure that the results of Battleground will have some implication on this. Looking at the match card heading in, we have some decent matches, as despite a few feeling uninspiring, with […]

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    GREAT BALLS OF FIRE 2017 Round-up

    WWE has given us a few questionably titled pay-per-views over the years, but Great Balls of Fire may quite possibly be the silliest. Putting that aside, the match card we were presented heading into this event left me more than a little excited. Despite there being a couple of uninspiring additions, the likes of a […]

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    MONEY IN THE BANK 2017 Round-up

    Out of all the pay-per-views that feature on the WWE calendar, Money in the Bank is always one that I personally look forward to, with the briefcase truly being “a golden opportunity” for most who hold it. This year’s event will also see history be made for the company, as in addition to being the […]

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    EXTREME RULES 2017 Round-up

    If we’re being honest, both Payback and Backlash weren’t as exciting as we would have liked, with Extreme Rules needing to turn things up a notch. Given the line-up heading into the pay-per-view, I was quietly confident that this would come to fruition, with the Raw Tag Team Championship Steel Cage match and Extreme Rules Fatal Five-Way […]

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