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    BLADE RUNNER 2049 Review

    It has been thirty-five years since the release of Blade Runner, but finally Warner Bros. see fit to give us a sequel. Now if I’m being honest, I was more than a little sceptical when this project was first announced, feeling that the studio are building upon this classic for profit alone. This opinion has […]

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    Welcome to the world of L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties, a place where disciples and their dukes do supernatural battle with the very balance of life itself caught in the conflict. Back in 2016 this computer animated motion capture event was released to theaters in China but next week it comes to North America courtesy […]

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    DEATH NOTE Review

    When it comes to Hollywood’s various attempts at adapting anime, it is hard to feel anything other than fear and frustration. This is no different for Netflix‘s Death Note, as in spite of the streaming service’s reputation for producing fantastic original content, this is one project that I simply couldn’t get behind. Having now finally […]

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    When it comes to biographical movies, it doesn’t seem to take much for studios to grab my attention. Now this doesn’t mean that the genre automatically churns out box office gold, it’s more that the real life nature of these projects are simply a lot more intriguing. This remains the case for American Made, as […]

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    IT Review

    It goes without saying that Stephen King is the master of horror! So when any of his classic books or novellas get a big screen adaptation, you can be sure that fans are going to flock in their numbers. The latest is a remake of the ’90s television movie, IT, arriving less than a month […]

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    THE MUMMY [Blu-Ray] Review

    Dark Universe begins with this fresh take on The Mummy. Set to arrive in stores September 12th the Blu-Ray release of this big Universal creature feature births a new world in a mostly fitting package. Add in just enough added content to get you to root for the future of this movie line and there’s no […]

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    When it comes to the work of Stephen King, Hollywood just can’t seem to get enough, with most of his books quickly getting snatched up for film or television. One project that has taken its time to reach this point is The Dark Tower, with it looking for a long time as if we’d never […]

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    What do you get when you hire Deadpool to protect Nick Fury from Belarusian mobsters? Well a B list action comedy of course. All joking aside, I honestly didn’t have high expectations heading into The Hitman’s Bodyguard. As in spite of looking like a fun popcorn flick from its trailers, it’s rare to get a […]

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