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    Cinemas two most iconic ape related franchises are set to collide, as BOOM! Studios announce a brand new comic book series to feature King Kong and Planet of the Apes. Scheduled to launch in November, the six-part series titled Kong on The Planet of the Apes will be written by Ryan Ferrier (Kennel Block Blues) […]

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    There’s HOPE! STAR WARS gets a New Writer

    Marvel‘s flagship Star Wars series is set to get a new writer, with Kieron Gillen taking over with Star Wars #38. Gillen will be teaming up with his former Darth Vader collaborator, Salvador Larroca, who has been on the title since Star Wars #26. This will mark the first change of writer for an ongoing […]

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    Frank Castle will be WAR MACHINE???

    Marvel has done some weird stuff in the past, where they’ve take a current character and their alter ego and switched them around. Some made a whole lot of sense, like when the Winter Soldier became Captain America or when X-23 took on the mantle of the Wolverine. But here we are on the verge […]

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    HACK/SLASH makes a comeback in RESURRECTION

    Get ready to be happy because Tim Seeley‘s epic and awesome franchise will be returning! Hack/Slash makes a comeback this October in the aptly named Resurrection. Those of you who aren’t familiar with the premise the series follows our heroine, Cassie, a horror victim turned vigilante. She strikes back at the heart of evil, hunting down […]

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    CANNIBAL to launch at IMAGE this October

    The Halloween season may be a while away, but one thing that we here at usually look out for that time of the year, is a thrilling new Image series to embrace this holiday. This year we get the latest product from the mind of Brian Buccellato, as along with co-writer Jennifer Young and […]

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    WONDER WOMAN will seek Truth over LIES in DC’s REBIRTH

    Ever since Diana was originally introduced the iconic heroine has faced countless enemies, friends and allies while dealing with the terror of shifting continuity. Well here we are as the entirety of DC faces its Rebirth, and as the New 52 comes to a close Wonder Woman will seek truth over lies even in this landscape. Many might read […]

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