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    Are EVENT BOOKS ruining the BIG TWO???

    Over the last few years I have found myself gradually becoming less interested in Marvel and DC, with one of the key reasons behind this being event books. It seems that we can’t get away from these massive crossover events, with it seeming that when one finishes another one starts. Though DC isn’t quite as […]

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    The comic book industry is huge, with tons of new series and new issues out each week. Due to this, it is impossible to try everything, with some independent creators not always getting the credit they deserve. This was the case for me when it comes to Packs of the Lowcountry, being oblivious to this […]

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    When most people think of comic book conventions, they think of places like San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con and Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, with even Super London Comic Con and Thought Bubble springing to mind for British comic fans and cosplayers. So if I told you to forget about all them […]

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    TOP 10 COMIC BOOKS of 2015

    We come to the end of yet another amazing year for comics, as between the two big universe changing events from Marvel and DC and the hoard of captivating independent titles, we have had plenty to keep us occupied. But what stood out amongst all these great series? That’s something we look to answer here, […]

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    Calling it IN NAME ONLY is over rated

    On February 2013 a character was born that fit into the Marvel universe and became a feature powerhouse of sorts on their Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Since then he’s been persecuted against and for those of us who love him we’re tired of the bashing. The resentful comments of another site I will only refer to as “Cosmic News In Name […]

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    My TOP 7 SECRET WARS Tie-Ins

    The tie-ins for Secret Wars are coming to a close, well I took upon myself to read EVERY single tie-in to Marvel’s latest epic. That includes all 7 “Last Days” titles, all 14 “Battleworld” books, all 27 “Warzones,” and yes the main series. As with any huge event though there’s a lot of wading through […]

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    The Legend of THE BATMAN

    It’s officially Batman Day, and us here at Snap Pow just had to do something to celebrate. Having grown up with very few comics, relying on the cartoon shows of the ’90s to introduce me to the world of superheroes, there was surprisingly still a lot to chose from. But one character has always stood […]

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    MILESTONE MEDIA 101: A Simple Guide

    About a month ago, DC Comics announced their intention to publish new comics featuring the characters of Milestone Media. These titles won’t be connected to their New 52 characters (aka Prime Earth), but will be in their own original self-contained iteration which will join the Multiverse as Earth-M. Since then, I’ve heard people asking in shops for info […]

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