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    Wonder Woman #5 Review

    We’ve been back and forth over the last month and a bit as the creative team have given us two intriguing narratives. As we enter the third chapter of “The Lies” we continue to see how Diana explores the grey areas of her past and how she’s responding to the fact that things aren’t necessarily […]

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    Nightwing #3 Review

    Since starting a few weeks ago, Nightwing has quickly been climbing up the ranks as one of my favourite books to come from Rebirth, with this tale just getting better and better. As we enter this third instalment we are hit with a rather shocking revelation, which leaves us questioning how far Dick is willing […]

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    Justice League #3 Review

    When you think of calibre of villains the Justice League have come up against over the years, it is easy to look upon the Kindred and initially see them as nothing more than a forgettable addition whose sole purpose is to ease new readers into this new series. Well whether you feel this way or […]

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    SUICIDE SQUAD #1 Review

    The Suicide Squad movie may not have received the response DC were looking for, but that doesn’t stop their efforts at merging elements of this movie with their new comic book series. What we get from this first issue is a main story which sees our team put on a rather unique and as ever […]

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    Black Hammer #2 Review

    Last month finally saw the release of Black Hammer, and to say it was worth the wait is a massive understatement. What we get from this second issue is a rather interesting look at how Gail has come to find herself trapped in the body of a ten year old, with “The Curse of Zafram” […]

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    Descender #14 Review

    The latest arc of Descender has been both impressive and rather frustrating at times. Moving the main narrative forward inch by inch, the creative team focus more on the backstory of our various characters than current developments, which ultimately leads to many cliffhangers remaining open. On the one hand this makes the tension leading to […]

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    Batman #5 Review

    It’s all been leading to this, as Batman and Gotham finally square off in a battle that is pure epic. Having been affected by the Psycho Pirate at the end of #3, Gotham now has a different mission, wanting to destroy his beloved city rather than protect it. This naturally isn’t going down well with […]

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    The Hunt #2 Review

    Having given us a wonderful introduction to this bold new horror series, creator Colin Lorimer wastes little time in turning up the heat. Moving directly on from the last issue, we see how Orla’s grandmother fairs against the Sluagh, with the result being gruesome to say the least. What follows this is an intriguing mixture […]

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