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    Here’s the thing when people start losing weight and getting healthier its a daunting and deeply personal experience. But it’s also a rewarding one where you see yourself go beyond where you begin, crossing bridges along the way. Back in January 2016 I had a health scare that got me on my feet and moving. […]

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    EXCLUSIVE! Colin Lorimer talks THE HUNT

    This week sees the release of The Hunt #2, with the first issue of this new horror series from Image being one that we thoroughly enjoyed. We were lucky enough to catch up with creator, writer and artist of the series, Colin Lorimer, talking about the book and what’s in store next. Hi Colin, […]

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    Last month saw the release of the very first Millarworld Annual, the product of thirteen winners of Mark Millar‘s first talent search competition (six writers, six artists and a cover artist). We were lucky enough to catch up with one of the winners, Muron Macklin, talking about his work on the Annual. Hi Myron, […]

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    EXCLUSIVE! Rafael de Latorre talks ANIMOSITY

    This week saw the release of Animosity from AfterShock, which we loved. We were lucky enough to talk with artist Rafael de Latorre about the book, working for AfterShock and the comic book industry as a whole. Hi Rafael, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. You’re working on a new series […]

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    EXCLUSIVE! Brian Buccellato talks CANNIBAL

    Earlier today Brian Buccellato announced his new comic from Image, Cannibal, which is due out this October. We were lucky enough to get an advance look at the comic, catching up with the writer to talk about this new series and his other projects. Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to talk with […]

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    EXCLUSIVE! Frank Quitely talks JUPITER’S LEGACY

    The critically acclaimed hit that is Jupiter’s Legacy is finally set to return for a second volume on June 29th, with us here at loving the first issue. Whilst at Moniaive Comic Festival, in the Scottish borders, we were lucky enough to catch-up with the talented artist behind this smash-hit, Frank Quitely, talking about the […]

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