Here’s the thing when people start losing weight and getting healthier its a daunting and deeply personal experience. But it’s also a rewarding one where you see yourself go beyond where you begin, crossing bridges along the way. Back in January 2016 I had a health scare that got me on my feet and moving. I weighed in at 457.8 pounds. And something I decided to do early on was set a personal goal of competing in my first 5K come November. I had always heard about RunDisney, and as a Marvel fan, how could I say no to a Captain America themed race?

Sure enough I started going to the gym several times a week where I pushed myself hard to try and get my body under control. I wanted to be able to jog this thing out when the time came. Flash a bit forward and what surprised more than anything was how I felt at 5:30 in the morning. The events are usually in the wee hours so you know only the hardcore are out there! Sure there are runners but they’ll all fans! Disney creates a warm welcoming atmosphere and you see people of all shapes and sizes, committed and doing this for their own reasons.

Despite the name you don’t have to run! When I suited up in my Captain America themed costume and strapped on my shield personally I dropped down to 296.3. I was nervous before it began but that gave way to a charming atmosphere with comradery in the air. It was easier than I thought it would be, as music and cheers guided us all the way through. If you’re just like me and you’re trying to better yourself than what better way than to sign up for something like a RunDisney race? Sure the cost was a bit steep but what you get out of it, especially when you cross that finish line, means the world to you. I know it did for me when I got my medal and my Disney goodie pack.

Over the last few months I’ve gained some weight back (I’m back up 326.8) and in a second I knew what I needed to do. I had to set a goal again but I wanted to push myself to do something bigger than last year. In November I’ll be competing in the Spider-Man 5K and the Thor 10K. It’s going be a tough final stretch but I figured, wouldn’t it be marvelous to do something I never thought I could do two years ago because that’s why I RunDisney. Plus I want to weigh less than I did in 2016! It’s a lofty set of goals but I’ll be sharing all the tidbits I have along the way.

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