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    When the last Ninja Turtles movie arrived I wasn’t thrilled. It looked like they just pulled weird clichés out of their butts as none of the CGI looked fresh, and Shredder turned into a micro Transformer size. There was confusion on who the main villain was as rumors circulated about who in fact was meant to be the […]

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    Will THE JUNGLE BOOK be Tired and STRANGE???

    I must say The Jungle Book does look interesting, but I strongly think that Disney is trying too hard to succeed. When I saw the trailer, I was like “wow” at the beginning, but it gave way to “ugh” about thirty seconds in. The animals look pretty well done, a lot better than the creatures […]

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    ATTACK ON TITAN Game gets New DLC Costumes

    Wow, I forgot this existed…ahem, hum, dum, bum…anyway, the Attack on Titan Video Game for the PlayStation 3 and 4 is getting a new cool DLC update. Some of you could be thinking is it awesome weapons? Will it be more to enhance the story? How about gear for the characters? Now if any of you guessed […]

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    Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is a Simple straight forward adult oriented anime, with a funny perversion, we found out through the course of the story that dimensional portals opened up all over Earth, and swallowed up Children. These children were then brought to the magical medieval world of Alayzard, where they can remain for however long […]

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    I know I’ve done a lot of animated films recently but they’re just so fun! Which leads to this Disney-Pixar film named Ratatouille. Now some people wonder why I’d bother with it as it was really good but many fans agree that it wasn’t as solid as previous projects or even on par with other great animated features.Our presentation begins with a flashback […]

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    GOD EATER Anime could be GOOD

    As most of you know I am a huge fan of Anime and I have always tried to do my best to bring you guys some great reviews on the site covering the various series that I’ve seen. Which brings me to this interesting trailer that I found for a franchise called God Eater. Set to be released sometime in […]

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    Diablo: Another hit for the Western?

    Westerns are really hard to come by now a days because no one seems to want to touch the genre unless you’re Russel Crowe, Christian Bale,the Coen Brothers or Tarentino. But, it seems we have another new actor, following in his father’s footsteps. Clint Eastwood‘s son Scott is going to be in a western!!! Now someone could ask me, “What’s so special […]

  • Video Game Reviews

    Super Mario Bros. it was something else when I first got it with my old school Nintendo for Christmas all the way back in 1989. The one thing I remember most about it is slaving away the hours trying to get past all the hard levels, going down large green pipes, collecting gold coins and destroying my enemies with the Flame […]

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