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    EVOLUTION 2015 — BIGGER, BADDER and BETTER Than Ever!!!

    First thing to note is that I’m a huge fan of fighting games. I love the community and the sense of training plus discipline that comes with learning to go beyond simple button mashing. And then of course the honor of putting everything you got on stage and fighting to become better then you ever were. If you ask me they’re […]

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    Backwards Compatible: What SONY Needs to Know

    Recently at E3, Microsoft announced arguably the most shocking piece of information at the entire show, the Xbox One is going to be backwards compatible! Now this has been something on my mind as I’ve dug into my childhood and went mostly retro in terms of what games I like to play. Going to the […]

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    You MUST Play: Super Mario 64

    You Must Play this game that was leaps and bounds ahead of it’s time! Super Mario 64 was the type of 3D transition 2D icons dreamed of, with a success wrapped around a quality presentation that’s aged rather well. The story is set in Peach’s Castle. Mario is coming to visit because the princess has […]

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    FALLOUT 4 vs E3: A Wak Perspective

    It was back in February that Bethesda Softworks had announced a conference for their upcoming games at this year’s E3. This would be the first time the juggernaut Third Party Developer had ever done such a thing. Ever since then the buzz has been alive at my local game store, was it going to be Fallout 4 […]

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    R.I.P. KONAMI (1969-2015)

    Not too long ago we got word of an interview with Hideki Hayakawa, stating that Konami is shifting its focus from AAA Titles like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Castlevania to mobile games. Now where did this info come from? It isn’t straight from the horses mouth but instead comes from a translation of a summery post […]

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    Dumping on NINTENDO — Gaming’s Newest Pastime

    The hate on Nintendo is becoming more and more frequent. Where is the line between misquoting and boldfaced lying? All I see are organizations trying to get more clicks on an article that at the end of the day really doesn’t even matter. It began to irritate me when TIME talked with the developer about a multitude of different […]

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