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    The Unworthy Thor #5 Review

    Since Original Sin came to an end in late 2014, the big question we continue to ask is: “what did Nick Fury whisper in Thor’s ear to make him unworthy of lifting Mjolnir anymore?” Well it may have been a long wait, but finally we get the answer from the Odinson himself. Now I’m naturally […]

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    IRON FIST #1 Review

    As you may have noticed, Marvel‘s latest Netflix series, Iron Fist has dropped. And whether you’re a fan or not, it was only natural for the House of Ideas to try and capitalise upon its release. Much like the TV series, this new comic is a bit slow at getting up and running, focusing more […]

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    Descender #20 Review

    We’re almost at the end of yet another arc, and whilst Telsa, Quon and the impostor Tim-21 speed towards Mata and the secrets of the Harvester, the real Tim-21 continues to be prisoner on the Machine Moon. Despite having been a little slow, with some issues at times feeling out of place, the creative team […]

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    Reborn #5 Review

    We reach the penultimate issue of Mark Millar‘s latest saga, as Bonnie Black continues to search for her dead husband in the vast fantasy world she’s been reborn in, whilst fighting the forces of the evil Golgotha. Despite giving some major, albeit predictable, twists, the issue as a whole felt almost filler like, focusing a […]

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    WWE #3 Review

    If I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t really that excited when BOOM! Studios first announced that they were taking over the licence for WWE comics, having found other companies attempts to merge the two mediums rather disappointing. So far, however, I have been pleasantly surprised, as despite being far from a must have comic, it […]

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    A tale as old as time becomes the latest Disney animated classic to get the live-action treatment, with the House of Mouse retelling the magical tale of Beauty and the Beast. Despite the mixed result of these remakes, the financial success makes it easy to see why the company continue to develop more and more […]

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    LOGAN Review

    It doesn’t seem like seventeen years since Hugh Jackman first popped his claws as Wolverine in X-Men, but seven feature films later and two cameos the Australian actor faces his last stand as the troubled mutant. Not only does this add an extra level of expectation for fans entering the cinema, but the fact this […]

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    When it comes to war movies as a genre, I rarely find myself getting over excited to head to the cinema anymore, with Hollywood’s over dramatising of events and the fact we see the same thing time and time again taking away from the once standout genre. That said a certain Oscar nominated movie has […]

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