• Movie News
    JURASSIC WORLD 2 will begin Production in FEBRUARY

    If you’re like me then last summer you went to see the latest sequel filled with dinosaur goodness crossing your fingers and hoping for the best possible results. Now there were hiccups but for the most part what we got was a stellar popcorn ride acting as a franchise continuation. So you can count me in as […]

  • TV Show News

    If you’re like us at then there’s no doubt that you watched all of Voltron: Legendary Defender because was so good! Great news my fanboys and fangirls because we won’t have to wait long to see what our crew of space explorers are up to. Dreamworks Animation and Netflix have announced that the second season is set […]

  • Movie News
    JUSTICE LEAGUE unites in their SDCC Trailer

    I was hoping for something from Hall H today but after the Wonder Woman reel I wasn’t sure what else DC and Warner Bros. might release. Well here we are as the Justice League unites in their own SDCC Trailer! If you saw Dawn of Justice and had your issues with the future of this forming […]

  • Movie News

    No clamoring for a low quality version of this awesomeness recorded on a randomly hidden phone fanboys and fangirls because this year straight form HALL H comes the Warner Bros. first look that we’ve been clamoring for. Wonder Woman gets her first trailer and I don’t want to waste too much time talking about the pure epicness locked […]

  • Video Game News
    Kojima presents DEATH STRANDING

    I have no idea what to make of this trailer but hey it’s a brand new franchise by Hideo Kojima for the PlayStation 4. And it has Norman Reedus with a mood setting type of atmosphere that thrives in an engaging tone. The thing to take from this first glimpse of Death Stranding is that the […]

  • Video Game News
    Frank’s Back for E3 and DEAD RISING 4

    Frank West was not the main character in the last entry of the franchise but don’t worry as the developers over at Capcom have your back this year. The original zombie killing maestro is making a comeback for Dead Rising 4 so we call rest a bit easier. Right now the Xbox One exclusive sequel looks […]

  • Video Game News

    If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next brutal chapter of the NetherRealm interpretation of the DC Universe then you’re in luck because Injustice 2 got its announcement trailer. What that means for me and you is that we’re getting our first sample of a next generation iteration that may offer up a robust […]

  • Video Game News
    New Trailer for SCALEBOUND rocks the room at E3

    From Resident Evil to Devil May Cry the gaming world knows the name Hideki Kamiya. The director of titles like Viewtiful Joe, Ōkami and Bayonetta has been toiling away on an Xbox One exclusive of epic proportions. That title is Scalebound and the world needs to prepare for pure awesomeness, as this action fantasy full […]

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