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    Blood Brothers #3 Review

    The Blood Brothers continue their quest through the supernatural world in The Eyes of Medusa. Here out duo comes face to face with an ex, a Minotaur and their captain all in 24 pages of pure fun! That’s right, the creative team has crafted a crazy and wholly entertaining yarn that’s bound to garner praise and […]

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    BubbleGun Vol. 2 #4 Review

    Back in 2013 BubbleGun #1 hit comic stands and I was instantly hooked on what I saw. It’s a world full of punk and tech complete with a squad of misfits, corporate monsters and sister bonding time. Flash forward to the here and now, where its second volume is speeding towards its conclusion. In this […]

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    Bettie Page #2 Review

    What we have in our hands is a comic that’ll make you say, ‘hooray for old school Hollywood and the fine folks at Dynamite Entertainment.’ Because what exists within the pages of this release is a downright fun ride. It’s not something that’ll make you think deeply and question the nature of reality but the […]

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    All-New Fathom Vol. 6 #7 Review

    The penultimate issue of All-New Fathom and its sixth volume is here and if you haven’t been keeping up than let me say this: what are you waiting for? The flagship title for this indie publisher has been a consistent source of quality for years and this latest run is no different. However this release […]

  • Movie News

    I have no idea what they’re saying here but Godzilla: Monster Planet got an epic trailer and it looks absolutely amazing. The first animated feature in the franchise is produced by Toho Company Ltd. and Polygon Pictures and is directed by Kobun Shizuno. The movie just looks stellar, sure it’s not hand drawn traditional but […]

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    Let’s Meet MARVEL’S INHUMANS in this PREVIEW

    Why wait until September 1st to meet Marvel‘s Inhumans, just checkout the preview below and quake with an uneasy feeling. Let’s be honest the road to release for this franchise has been rocky. It started out as a movie officially within the realms of the MCU but now it’s been brought to the small screen […]

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    Wait… BLACK ADAM MIGHT not be in SHAZAM???

    By all that is holy and sacred Black Adam might not be in Shazam. Maybe we’re reading too much into this, but the director for the next DC flick to film sat down with Film Riot and offered a couple really awesome tidbits but one that made us feel uneasy. Keep in mind that it […]

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