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    ONCE UPON A TIME Season 5 Premiere was AWESOME!!!

    Hello Oncers! The darkness has fallen, and yes I’m a little late, but I would like to tell everyone how great the premiere to season 5 was! So we start the episode with the regular group excluding Emma, and Hook tries to summon her, but she doesn’t appear. Then after they talk to the sorcerer’s […]

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    Once Upon a Time: Season 5, It’s Back!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Oncers of all ages, it’s back! I am super excited for this season. The wait is over, and after that cliffhanger, we’re all rejoicing and counting the minutes until tonight’s premiere. It’s been a huge roller coaster of twists and turns, flashbacks, and craziness so much so that in order to really enjoy it you have […]

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    DISNEYLAND 60th Anniversary — Book Your Trip TODAY!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, I’m here to tell you about the 60th anniversary at the happiest place on Earth. There’s been lots of excitement leading up to this major milestone, and needless to say it’s attracting guests from around the world. They all come to see / purchase the new merchandise, watch the latest parade (“Paint […]

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    Catching up on ONCE UPON A TIME (Part II)

    Hello again oncers! Last time I recapped both seasons one and two, but too much happens in three and four so I couldn’t fit everything I wanted into one article. There were a lot of plot twists and new characters that came to Storybrooke, so get ready for we’re about to journey to Neverland for a junior effort that was […]

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    Catching up on ONCE UPON A TIME (Part I)

    Hello all oncers! The finale for season four just happened, and I want to take the time to recap all that’s been going on within this magnificent series. I love Once Upon a Time and how the show has progressed with its pretty incredible journey. And yes there were some slow moments, but every show […]

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    DISNEY is just for kids??? Nope!

    Is Disney just for kids? I ask because whenever I bring up going to a Disney movie I usually get one of two responses, “Sure sounds great!” or “No, I’m too old for that.” I already know my answer as I tell the second response, “What are you talking about?” The House of Mouse represents […]

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