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    BATTLEBORN: A Better Borderlands??

    The other day my husband, a friend and I were talking about this new game coming out called Battleborn. It’s being developed by the same team that brought us Borderlands so will this new title surpass it? I am a huge Borderlands fan; I have it on the Vita and the PS4 and I’m constantly playing […]

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    We believe in LOCALIZATION!

    The localization of games is a very important topic because there are a lot of titles the Japanese get that we never see here in America. And some of those that we do are part of a series that we only get a teeny tiny glimpse of. If more companies took the time in developing and localizing […]

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    Square Enix had a lot of announcements at their E3 conference. To start it off Just Cause 3, an action packed, explosive four hundred square miles of open world game is due out December 1. With over eighty land / sea / air vehicles, tons of collectibles and challenges that unlock new mods / an updated grapple / stabilized parachute […]

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    UBISOFT impressed with their E3 conference!

    I was impressed by Ubisoft’s conference at E3. They started out announcing a follow up to South Park: The Stick of Truth with South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Then they went on to announce a new IP, For Honor. It’s a melee-only combat game focusing on brutal battles between three warring factions: Vikings, Samurai, […]

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    Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is a game that I have been waiting for! Let me say XSEED has been on a role with localizing some great titles this year and this one doesn’t disappoint. It is a JRPG harem game that has a unique look using chibi characters with full animation cut scenes, voice acting and beautiful […]

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    FIRE EMBLEM IF… Shut up and take our money!

    In Fire Emblem If, the player will take on the role of an avatar born to Hoshido royalty but raised in Nohr. On the brink of war you must choose which side you are on, blood or loyalty? The story and difficulty is predetermined by which version of the game you chose but keep in […]

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